Interface AnyMappingDefinition

  • public interface AnyMappingDefinition
    Describes an ANY mapping
    • Method Detail

      • getType

        AnyType getType()
        Access to the mapping's AnyType
        The AnyType
      • isLazy

        boolean isLazy()
        Was the mapping defined as lazy?
      • getIdentifierType

        Type getIdentifierType()
        Access to the type of the value that makes up the identifier portion of the AnyType.
        The identifier type
        See Also:
      • getDiscriminatorType

        Type getDiscriminatorType()
        Access to the type of the value that makes up the discriminator portion of the AnyType. The discriminator is historically called the "meta".

        NOTE : If explicit discriminator mappings are given, the type here will be a MetaType.

        The discriminator type
        See Also:
        Any.metaColumn(), AnyMetaDef.metaType()
      • getMappingDefinedDiscriminatorMappings

        java.lang.Iterable<AnyMappingDefinition.DiscriminatorMapping> getMappingDefinedDiscriminatorMappings()
        Access to discriminator mappings explicitly defined in the mapping metadata. There are 2 flavors of discrimination:
        1. The database holds the concrete entity names. This is an implicit form, meaning that the discriminator mappings do not have to be defined in the mapping metadata. In this case, an empty iterable is returned here
        2. The database holds discriminator values that are interpreted to corresponding entity names based on discriminator mappings explicitly supplied in the mapping metadata (see AnyMetaDef.metaValues()). In this case, this method gives access to those explicitly defined mappings.
        The explicitly defined discriminator value mappings.