Interface ProxyFactory

    • Method Detail

      • postInstantiate

        void postInstantiate​(java.lang.String entityName,
                             java.lang.Class persistentClass,
                             java.util.Set<java.lang.Class> interfaces,
                             java.lang.reflect.Method getIdentifierMethod,
                             java.lang.reflect.Method setIdentifierMethod,
                             CompositeType componentIdType)
                      throws HibernateException
        Called immediately after instantiation of this factory.

        Essentially equivalent to constructor injection, but contracted here via interface.

        entityName - The name of the entity for which this factory should generate proxies.
        persistentClass - The entity class for which to generate proxies; not always the same as the entityName.
        interfaces - The interfaces to expose in the generated proxy; HibernateProxy is already included in this collection.
        getIdentifierMethod - Reference to the identifier getter method; invocation on this method should not force initialization
        setIdentifierMethod - Reference to the identifier setter method; invocation on this method should not force initialization
        componentIdType - For composite identifier types, a reference to the type of the identifier property; again accessing the id should generally not cause initialization - but need to bear in mind mappings.
        HibernateException - Indicates a problem completing post instantiation initialization.