Class ByteBuddyInterceptor

    • Constructor Detail

      • ByteBuddyInterceptor

        public ByteBuddyInterceptor​(java.lang.String entityName,
                                    java.lang.Class persistentClass,
                                    java.lang.Class[] interfaces,
                                    java.lang.reflect.Method getIdentifierMethod,
                                    java.lang.reflect.Method setIdentifierMethod,
                                    CompositeType componentIdType,
                                    SharedSessionContractImplementor session,
                                    boolean overridesEquals)
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      • intercept

        public java.lang.Object intercept​(java.lang.Object proxy,
                                          java.lang.reflect.Method thisMethod,
                                          java.lang.Object[] args)
                                   throws java.lang.Throwable
        Description copied from interface: ProxyConfiguration.Interceptor
        Intercepts a method call to a proxy.
        Specified by:
        intercept in interface ProxyConfiguration.Interceptor
        proxy - The proxied instance.
        thisMethod - The invoked method.
        args - The intercepted method arguments.
        The method's return value.
        java.lang.Throwable - If the intercepted method raises an exception.