Interface ManagedBeanRegistry

  • All Superinterfaces:, Service

    public interface ManagedBeanRegistry
    extends Service
    A registry for ManagedBean instances. Responsible for managing the lifecycle.

    Access to the beans and usage of them are only valid between the time the registry is initialized and released (however those events are recognized).

    • Method Detail

      • getBean

        <T> ManagedBean<T> getBean​(java.lang.Class<T> beanClass)
        Get a bean reference by class.
      • getBean

        <T> ManagedBean<T> getBean​(java.lang.String beanName,
                                   java.lang.Class<T> beanContract)
        Get a bean reference by name and contract.
      • getBeanContainer

        BeanContainer getBeanContainer()
        Get a reference to the underlying BeanContainer. May return null indicating that no back-end container has been configured