Class ExpressionUtil

  • public class ExpressionUtil
    extends Object
    This class assists in the formation of a SQL-fragment in the various spatial query expressions.
    • Method Detail

      • getSpatialDialect

        public static SpatialDialect getSpatialDialect​(CriteriaQuery criteriaQuery,
                                                       SpatialFunction function)
        Determines the SpatialDialect for the specified CriteriaQuery, and checks if the specified function is supported.
        criteriaQuery - The CriteriaQuery for which the dialect is sought
        function - The function for which to check support
        The SpatialDialect associated with the specified CriteriaQuery
        HibernateException - If the dialect for the specified CriteriaQuery is not a SpatialDialect. or the specified SpatialFunction is not supported by the dialect.
      • findColumn

        public static String findColumn​(String propertyName,
                                        Criteria criteria,
                                        CriteriaQuery criteriaQuery)
        Determines the column name corresponding to the specified property path.
        propertyName - The property path
        criteria - The criteria
        criteriaQuery - The criteria query
        The column name
        HibernateException - If the property could not be resolved, or more than one column is mapped by the property path.