Class GeoDbWkb

  • public class GeoDbWkb
    extends java.lang.Object
    A utility class to serialize from/to GeoDB WKB's.

    Note: this utility makes it unnecessary to have a dependency on GeoDB. As long as GeoDB is not available in common maven repositories, such a dependency is to be avoided.

    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      static org.geolatte.geom.Geometry from​(java.lang.Object object)
      Decode the object into a Geometry
      static byte[] to​(org.geolatte.geom.Geometry geometry)
      Encode the specified Geometry into a WKB
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    • Method Detail

      • to

        public static byte[] to​(org.geolatte.geom.Geometry geometry)
        Encode the specified Geometry into a WKB
        geometry - The value to encode
        A byte-array representing the geometry in WKB.
      • from

        public static org.geolatte.geom.Geometry from​(java.lang.Object object)
        Decode the object into a Geometry
        object - The object to decode
        The Geometry