Class AbstractComponentTuplizer

    • Field Detail

      • getters

        protected final Getter[] getters
      • setters

        protected final Setter[] setters
      • propertySpan

        protected final int propertySpan
      • hasCustomAccessors

        protected final boolean hasCustomAccessors
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractComponentTuplizer

        protected AbstractComponentTuplizer​(Component component)
    • Method Detail

      • getPropertyValue

        public Object getPropertyValue​(Object component,
                                       int i)
                                throws HibernateException
        Description copied from interface: Tuplizer
        Extract the value of a particular property from the given entity.
        Specified by:
        getPropertyValue in interface Tuplizer
        component - The entity from which to extract the property value.
        i - The index of the property for which to extract the value.
        The current value of the given property on the given entity.
      • isInstance

        public boolean isInstance​(Object object)
        Description copied from interface: Tuplizer
        Is the given object considered an instance of the the entity (acconting for entity-mode) managed by this tuplizer.
        Specified by:
        isInstance in interface Tuplizer
        object - The object to be checked.
        True if the object is considered as an instance of this entity within the given mode.
      • getParent

        public Object getParent​(Object component)
        Description copied from interface: ComponentTuplizer
        Retrieve the current value of the parent property.
        Specified by:
        getParent in interface ComponentTuplizer
        component - The component instance from which to extract the parent property value.
        The current value of the parent property.
      • hasParentProperty

        public boolean hasParentProperty()
        Description copied from interface: ComponentTuplizer
        Does the component managed by this tuuplizer contain a parent property?
        Specified by:
        hasParentProperty in interface ComponentTuplizer
        True if the component does contain a parent property; false otherwise.
      • isMethodOf

        public boolean isMethodOf​(Method method)
        Description copied from interface: ComponentTuplizer
        Is the given method available via the managed component as a property getter?
        Specified by:
        isMethodOf in interface ComponentTuplizer
        method - The method which to check against the managed component.
        True if the managed component is available from the managed component; else false.
      • setParent

        public void setParent​(Object component,
                              Object parent,
                              SessionFactoryImplementor factory)
        Description copied from interface: ComponentTuplizer
        Set the value of the parent property.
        Specified by:
        setParent in interface ComponentTuplizer
        component - The component instance on which to set the parent.
        parent - The parent to be set on the comonent.
        factory - The current session factory.
      • getGetter

        public Getter getGetter​(int i)
        Description copied from interface: Tuplizer
        Retrieve the getter for the specified property.
        Specified by:
        getGetter in interface Tuplizer
        i - The property index.
        The property getter.
      • setComponentClass

        protected void setComponentClass​(Component component)