Class EntityMetamodel

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    public class EntityMetamodel
    extends java.lang.Object
    Centralizes metamodel information about an entity.
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    • Method Detail

      • isNaturalIdentifierInsertGenerated

        public boolean isNaturalIdentifierInsertGenerated()
      • isVersionGenerated

        public boolean isVersionGenerated()
      • getNaturalIdentifierProperties

        public int[] getNaturalIdentifierProperties()
      • hasNaturalIdentifier

        public boolean hasNaturalIdentifier()
      • isNaturalIdentifierCached

        public boolean isNaturalIdentifierCached()
      • hasImmutableNaturalId

        public boolean hasImmutableNaturalId()
      • getSubclassEntityNames

        public java.util.Set getSubclassEntityNames()
      • getName

        public java.lang.String getName()
      • getRootName

        public java.lang.String getRootName()
      • getEntityType

        public EntityType getEntityType()
      • getPropertySpan

        public int getPropertySpan()
      • getVersionPropertyIndex

        public int getVersionPropertyIndex()
      • getPropertyIndex

        public int getPropertyIndex​(java.lang.String propertyName)
      • getPropertyIndexOrNull

        public java.lang.Integer getPropertyIndexOrNull​(java.lang.String propertyName)
      • hasCollections

        public boolean hasCollections()
      • hasMutableProperties

        public boolean hasMutableProperties()
      • hasNonIdentifierPropertyNamedId

        public boolean hasNonIdentifierPropertyNamedId()
      • hasLazyProperties

        public boolean hasLazyProperties()
      • hasCascades

        public boolean hasCascades()
      • isMutable

        public boolean isMutable()
      • isSelectBeforeUpdate

        public boolean isSelectBeforeUpdate()
      • isDynamicUpdate

        public boolean isDynamicUpdate()
      • isDynamicInsert

        public boolean isDynamicInsert()
      • isPolymorphic

        public boolean isPolymorphic()
      • getSuperclass

        public java.lang.String getSuperclass()
      • isExplicitPolymorphism

        public boolean isExplicitPolymorphism()
      • isInherited

        public boolean isInherited()
      • hasSubclasses

        public boolean hasSubclasses()
      • isLazy

        public boolean isLazy()
      • setLazy

        public void setLazy​(boolean lazy)
      • isVersioned

        public boolean isVersioned()
      • isAbstract

        public boolean isAbstract()
      • findEntityNameByEntityClass

        public java.lang.String findEntityNameByEntityClass​(java.lang.Class inheritenceClass)
        Return the entity-name mapped to the given class within our inheritance hierarchy, if any.
        inheritenceClass - The class for which to resolve the entity-name.
        The mapped entity-name, or null if no such mapping was found.
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class java.lang.Object
      • getPropertyNames

        public java.lang.String[] getPropertyNames()
      • getPropertyTypes

        public Type[] getPropertyTypes()
      • getPropertyLaziness

        public boolean[] getPropertyLaziness()
      • getPropertyUpdateability

        public boolean[] getPropertyUpdateability()
      • getPropertyCheckability

        public boolean[] getPropertyCheckability()
      • getNonlazyPropertyUpdateability

        public boolean[] getNonlazyPropertyUpdateability()
      • getPropertyInsertability

        public boolean[] getPropertyInsertability()
      • getPropertyNullability

        public boolean[] getPropertyNullability()
      • getPropertyVersionability

        public boolean[] getPropertyVersionability()
      • getCascadeStyles

        public CascadeStyle[] getCascadeStyles()
      • hasPreInsertGeneratedValues

        public boolean hasPreInsertGeneratedValues()
      • hasPreUpdateGeneratedValues

        public boolean hasPreUpdateGeneratedValues()
      • hasInsertGeneratedValues

        public boolean hasInsertGeneratedValues()
      • hasUpdateGeneratedValues

        public boolean hasUpdateGeneratedValues()
      • getEntityMode

        public EntityMode getEntityMode()
      • isInstrumented

        public boolean isInstrumented()
        Whether or not this class can be lazy (ie intercepted)