Interface DialectFactory

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    public interface DialectFactory
    extends Service
    A factory for generating Dialect instances.
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      • buildDialect

        Dialect buildDialect​(java.util.Map configValues,
                             DialectResolutionInfoSource resolutionInfoSource)
                      throws HibernateException
        Builds an appropriate Dialect instance.

        If a dialect is explicitly named in the incoming properties, it should used. Otherwise, it is determined by dialect resolvers based on the passed connection.

        An exception is thrown if a dialect was not explicitly set and no resolver could make the determination from the given connection.

        configValues - The configuration properties.
        resolutionInfoSource - Access to DialectResolutionInfo used to resolve the Dialect to use if not explicitly named
        The appropriate dialect instance.
        HibernateException - No dialect specified and no resolver could make the determination.