Interface JdbcEnvironment

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    public interface JdbcEnvironment
    extends Service
    Initial look at this concept we keep talking about with merging information from DatabaseMetaData and Dialect
    • Method Detail

      • getDialect

        Dialect getDialect()
        Get the dialect for this environment.
        The dialect.
      • getExtractedDatabaseMetaData

        ExtractedDatabaseMetaData getExtractedDatabaseMetaData()
        Access to the bits of information we pulled off the JDBC DatabaseMetaData (that did not get "interpreted" into the helpers/delegates available here).
        The values extracted from JDBC DatabaseMetaData
      • getIdentifierHelper

        IdentifierHelper getIdentifierHelper()
        Obtain the helper for dealing with identifiers in this environment.

        Note that the Identifiers returned from this IdentifierHelper already account for auto-quoting :) yaay!

        The identifier helper.
      • getNameQualifierSupport

        NameQualifierSupport getNameQualifierSupport()
        Obtain the level of support for qualified names.
        The NameQualifierSupport.
      • getSqlExceptionHelper

        SqlExceptionHelper getSqlExceptionHelper()
        Obtain the helper for dealing with JDBC SQLException faults.
        This environment's helper.
      • getLobCreatorBuilder

        LobCreatorBuilder getLobCreatorBuilder()
        Retrieve the delegate for building LobCreator instances.
        The LobCreator builder.
      • getTypeInfoForJdbcCode

        default TypeInfo getTypeInfoForJdbcCode​(int jdbcTypeCode)
        This is currently not implemented an will likely be removed (A default method is provided to facilitate removal from implementors)