Class NativeSQLQueryJoinReturn

    • Constructor Detail

      • NativeSQLQueryJoinReturn

        public NativeSQLQueryJoinReturn​(String alias,
                                        String ownerAlias,
                                        String ownerProperty,
                                        Map propertyResults,
                                        LockMode lockMode)
        Construct a return descriptor representing some form of fetch.
        alias - The result alias
        ownerAlias - The owner's result alias
        ownerProperty - The owner's property representing the thing to be fetched
        propertyResults - Any user-supplied column->property mappings
        lockMode - The lock mode to apply
    • Method Detail

      • getOwnerAlias

        public String getOwnerAlias()
        Retrieve the alias of the owner of this fetched association.
        The owner's alias.
      • getOwnerProperty

        public String getOwnerProperty()
        Retrieve the property name (relative to the owner) which maps to the association to be fetched.
        The property name.