Interface InDatabaseValueGenerationStrategy

  • public interface InDatabaseValueGenerationStrategy
    Strategy for describing values which are generated in the database.
    • Method Detail

      • getGenerationTiming

        GenerationTiming getGenerationTiming()
        When is this value generated : NEVER, INSERT, ALWAYS (INSERT+UPDATE)
        When the value is generated.
      • referenceColumnsInSql

        boolean referenceColumnsInSql()
        Should the column(s) be referenced in the INSERT / UPDATE SQL?

        This will be false most often to have a DDL-defined DEFAULT value be applied on INSERT. For trigger-generated values this could be true or false depending on whether the user wants the trigger to have access to some value for the column passed in.

        true indicates the column should be included in the SQL.
      • getReferencedColumnValues

        java.lang.String[] getReferencedColumnValues()
        For columns that will be referenced in the SQL (per referenceColumnsInSql()), what value should be used in the SQL as the column value.
        The column value to be used in the SQL. null for any element indicates to use the Column defined value (Column.getWriteExpr()).