Interface CacheTransactionSynchronization

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    AbstractCacheTransactionSynchronization, NoCachingTransactionSynchronizationImpl, StandardCacheTransactionSynchronization

    public interface CacheTransactionSynchronization
    Defines a context object that a RegionFactory is asked to create (RegionFactory.createTransactionContext(org.hibernate.engine.spi.SharedSessionContractImplementor)}) when a Hibernate Session is created. Its lifecycle is that of the Session. It receives "transactional event callbacks" around joining and completing resource transactions. This allows the cache impl to book-keep data related to current transaction, such as and process it in unique ways. E.g. this allows an impl to perform batch updates if Hibernate is configured to use JDBC-only transactions, and therefore information cannot be retrieved from the JTA transaction assigned to current thread. While transactional semantics might be fully implemented by the cache provider, Hibernate may require different transactional semantics: In order to prevent inconsistent reads, 2LC should not expose entities that are modified in any concurrently executing transactions, and force DB load instead. Native transactional implementation may provide looser semantics and 2LC implementation has to adapt to these.
    • Method Detail

      • getCachingTimestamp

        long getCachingTimestamp()
        What is the start time of this context object?
      • transactionJoined

        void transactionJoined()
        Callback that owning Session has become joined to a resource transaction.
      • transactionCompleting

        void transactionCompleting()
        Callback that the underling resource transaction to which the owning Session was joined is in the beginning stages of completing. Note that this is only called for successful "begin completion" of the underlying resource transaction (not rolling-back, marked-for-rollback, etc)
      • transactionCompleted

        void transactionCompleted​(boolean successful)
        Callback that the underling resource transaction to which the owning Session was joined is in the "completed" stage. This method is called regardless of success or failure of the transaction - the outcome is passed as a boolean.
        successful - Was the resource transaction successful?
      • transactionSuspended

        default void transactionSuspended()
        Currently not used. Here for future expansion
      • transactionResumed

        default void transactionResumed()
        Currently not used. Here for future expansion