Class JTASessionContext

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, CurrentSessionContext

    public class JTASessionContext
    extends AbstractCurrentSessionContext
    An implementation of CurrentSessionContext which scopes the notion of a current session to a JTA transaction. Because JTA gives us a nice tie-in to clean up after ourselves, this implementation will generate Sessions as needed provided a JTA transaction is in effect. If a session is not already associated with the current JTA transaction at the time currentSession() is called, a new session will be opened and it will be associated with that JTA transaction. Note that the sessions returned from this method are automatically configured with both the auto-flush and auto-close attributes set to true, meaning that the Session will be automatically flushed and closed as part of the lifecycle for the JTA transaction to which it is associated. Additionally, it will also be configured to aggressively release JDBC connections after each statement is executed. These settings are governed by the isAutoFlushEnabled(), isAutoCloseEnabled(), and getConnectionReleaseMode() methods; these are provided (along with the buildOrObtainSession() method) for easier subclassing for custom JTA-based session tracking logic (like maybe long-session semantics).
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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • JTASessionContext

        public JTASessionContext​(SessionFactoryImplementor factory)
        Constructs a JTASessionContext
        factory - The factory this context will service
    • Method Detail

      • currentSession

        public Session currentSession()
                               throws HibernateException
        Description copied from interface: CurrentSessionContext
        Retrieve the current session according to the scoping defined by this implementation.
        The current session.
        HibernateException - Typically indicates an issue locating or creating the current session.
      • buildOrObtainSession

        protected Session buildOrObtainSession()
        Strictly provided for subclassing purposes; specifically to allow long-session support. This implementation always just opens a new session.
        the built or (re)obtained session.
      • isAutoCloseEnabled

        protected boolean isAutoCloseEnabled()
        Mainly for subclass usage. This impl always returns true.
        Whether or not the the session should be closed by transaction completion.
      • isAutoFlushEnabled

        protected boolean isAutoFlushEnabled()
        Mainly for subclass usage. This impl always returns true.
        Whether or not the the session should be flushed prior transaction completion.
      • getConnectionReleaseMode

        protected ConnectionReleaseMode getConnectionReleaseMode()
        Mainly for subclass usage. This impl always returns after_statement.
        The connection release mode for any built sessions.