Class ArraysTools

  • public abstract class ArraysTools
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • ArraysTools

        public ArraysTools()
    • Method Detail

      • arrayIncludesInstanceOf

        public static <T> boolean arrayIncludesInstanceOf​(T[] array,
                                                          Class<?> cls)
      • arraysEqual

        public static boolean arraysEqual​(Object[] array1,
                                          Object[] array2)
      • mapToArray

        public static Object[] mapToArray​(Map<String,​Object> data,
                                          String[] keys)
        Converts map's value set to an array. keys parameter specifies requested elements and their order.
        data - Source map.
        keys - Array of keys that represent requested map values.
        Array of values stored in the map under specified keys. If map does not contain requested key, null is inserted.