Interface StoredProcedureQueryParameterRegistration<T>

  • All Superinterfaces:
    jakarta.persistence.Parameter<T>, ParameterRegistration<T>

    public interface StoredProcedureQueryParameterRegistration<T>
    extends ParameterRegistration<T>
    ParameterRegistration extension specifically for stored procedure parameters exposing some functionality of Hibernate's native ParameterRegistration contract
    • Method Detail

      • isPassNullsEnabled

        boolean isPassNullsEnabled()
        How will an unbound value be handled in terms of the JDBC parameter?
        true here indicates that NULL should be passed; false indicates that it is ignored.
      • enablePassingNulls

        void enablePassingNulls​(boolean enabled)
        Controls how unbound values for this IN/INOUT parameter registration will be handled prior to execution.
        enabled - true indicates that the NULL should be passed; false indicates it should not.