Interface LogicalConnection

    • Method Detail

      • isOpen

        boolean isOpen()
        Is this (logical) JDBC Connection still open/active. In other words, has close() not been called yet?
        true if still open (close() has not been called yet); false if not open (close() has been called).
      • close

        Connection close()
        Closes the JdbcSession, making it inactive and forcing release of any held resources
        Legacy :( Returns the JDBC Connection *if* the user passed in a Connection originally.
      • isPhysicallyConnected

        boolean isPhysicallyConnected()
        Is this JdbcSession currently physically connected (meaning does it currently hold a JDBC Connection)?
        true if the JdbcSession currently hold a JDBC Connection; false if it does not.
      • getResourceRegistry

        ResourceRegistry getResourceRegistry()
        Provides access to the registry of JDBC resources associated with this LogicalConnection.
        The JDBC resource registry.
        ResourceClosedException - if the LogicalConnection is closed