Interface EntityTuplizer

    • Method Detail

      • getPropertyValuesToInsert

        Object[] getPropertyValuesToInsert​(Object entity,
                                           Map mergeMap,
                                           SharedSessionContractImplementor session)
        Extract the values of the insertable properties of the entity (including backrefs)
        entity - The entity from which to extract.
        mergeMap - a map of instances being merged to merged instances
        session - The session in which the result set is being made.
        The insertable property values.
        HibernateException - Indicates a problem access the properties
      • determineConcreteSubclassEntityName

        String determineConcreteSubclassEntityName​(Object entityInstance,
                                                   SessionFactoryImplementor factory)
        Given an entity instance, determine the most appropriate (most targeted) entity-name which represents it. This is called in situations where we already know an entity name for the given entityInstance; we are being asked to determine if there is a more appropriate entity-name to use, specifically within an inheritance hierarchy.

        For example, consider a case where a user calls session.update( "Animal", cat );. Here, the user has explicitly provided Animal as the entity-name. However, they have passed in an instance of Cat which is a subclass of Animal. In this case, we would return Cat as the entity-name.

        null may be returned from calls to this method. The meaning of null in that case is assumed to be that we should use whatever explicit entity-name the user provided (Animal rather than Cat in the example above).

        entityInstance - The entity instance.
        factory - Reference to the SessionFactory.
        The most appropriate entity name to use.
        HibernateException - If we are unable to determine an entity-name within the inheritance hierarchy.