Class EntityTuplizerFactory

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        public static final Class[] ENTITY_TUP_CTOR_SIG
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      • EntityTuplizerFactory

        public EntityTuplizerFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • registerDefaultTuplizerClass

        public void registerDefaultTuplizerClass​(RepresentationMode entityMode,
                                                 Class<? extends EntityTuplizer> tuplizerClass)
        Method allowing registration of the tuplizer class to use as default for a particular entity-mode.
        entityMode - The entity-mode for which to register the tuplizer class
        tuplizerClass - The class to use as the default tuplizer for the given entity-mode.
      • constructTuplizer

        public EntityTuplizer constructTuplizer​(String tuplizerClassName,
                                                EntityMetamodel metamodel,
                                                PersistentClass persistentClass)
        Construct an instance of the given tuplizer class.
        tuplizerClassName - The name of the tuplizer class to instantiate
        metamodel - The metadata for the entity.
        persistentClass - The mapping info for the entity.
        The instantiated tuplizer
        HibernateException - If class name cannot be resolved to a class reference, or if the Constructor.newInstance(java.lang.Object...) call fails.