Package org.hibernate

Class WrongClassException

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    public class WrongClassException
    extends HibernateException
    Thrown when loading an entity (by identifier) results in a value that cannot be treated as the subclass type requested by the caller.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • WrongClassException

        public WrongClassException​(String message,
                                   Object identifier,
                                   String entityName)
        Constructs a WrongClassException using the supplied information.
        message - A message explaining the exception condition
        identifier - The identifier of the entity
        entityName - The entity-type requested
      • WrongClassException

        public WrongClassException​(String resolvedEntityName,
                                   Object identifier,
                                   String expectedEntityName,
                                   Object discriminatorValue)
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      • getEntityName

        public String getEntityName()
      • getIdentifier

        public Object getIdentifier()