Class EntityDeleteAction

    • Constructor Detail

      • EntityDeleteAction

        public EntityDeleteAction​(Object id,
                                  Object[] state,
                                  Object version,
                                  Object instance,
                                  EntityPersister persister,
                                  boolean isCascadeDeleteEnabled,
                                  SessionImplementor session)
        Constructs an EntityDeleteAction.
        id - The entity identifier
        state - The current (extracted) entity state
        version - The current entity version
        instance - The entity instance
        persister - The entity persister
        isCascadeDeleteEnabled - Whether cascade delete is enabled
        session - The session
    • Method Detail

      • getVersion

        public Object getVersion()
      • isCascadeDeleteEnabled

        public boolean isCascadeDeleteEnabled()
      • getState

        public Object[] getState()
      • getNaturalIdValues

        protected Object getNaturalIdValues()
      • getLock

        protected SoftLock getLock()
      • setLock

        protected void setLock​(SoftLock lock)
      • preDelete

        protected boolean preDelete()
      • postDelete

        protected void postDelete()
      • postCommitDelete

        protected void postCommitDelete​(boolean success)