Class AbstractAuxiliaryDatabaseObject

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractAuxiliaryDatabaseObject

        protected AbstractAuxiliaryDatabaseObject()
      • AbstractAuxiliaryDatabaseObject

        public AbstractAuxiliaryDatabaseObject​(boolean beforeTables)
      • AbstractAuxiliaryDatabaseObject

        protected AbstractAuxiliaryDatabaseObject​(Set<String> dialectScopes)
      • AbstractAuxiliaryDatabaseObject

        protected AbstractAuxiliaryDatabaseObject​(boolean beforeTables,
                                                  Set<String> dialectScopes)
    • Method Detail

      • getExportIdentifier

        public String getExportIdentifier()
        Description copied from interface: Exportable
        Get a unique identifier to make sure we are not exporting the same database structure multiple times.
        Specified by:
        getExportIdentifier in interface Exportable
        The exporting identifier.
      • getDialectScopes

        public Set<String> getDialectScopes()
      • appliesToDialect

        public boolean appliesToDialect​(Dialect dialect)
        Description copied from interface: AuxiliaryDatabaseObject
        Does this database object apply to the given dialect?
        Specified by:
        appliesToDialect in interface AuxiliaryDatabaseObject
        dialect - The dialect to check against.
        True if this database object does apply to the given dialect.
      • beforeTablesOnCreation

        public boolean beforeTablesOnCreation()
        Description copied from interface: AuxiliaryDatabaseObject
        Defines a simple precedence. Should creation of this auxiliary object happen before creation of tables? If true, the auxiliary object creation will happen after any explicit schema creations but before table/sequence creations; if false, the auxiliary object creation will happen after explicit schema creations and after table/sequence creations. This precedence is automatically inverted for dropping.
        Specified by:
        beforeTablesOnCreation in interface AuxiliaryDatabaseObject
        true indicates this object should be created before tables; false indicates it should be created after.