Interface SessionFactoryOptions

    • Method Detail

      • getServiceRegistry

        StandardServiceRegistry getServiceRegistry()
        The service registry to use in building the factory.
        The service registry to use.
      • getBeanManagerReference

        Object getBeanManagerReference()
      • getValidatorFactoryReference

        Object getValidatorFactoryReference()
      • isJpaBootstrap

        boolean isJpaBootstrap()
        Was building of the SessionFactory initiated through JPA bootstrapping, or through Hibernate's native bootstrapping?
        true indicates the SessionFactory was built through JPA bootstrapping; false indicates it was built through native bootstrapping.
      • isJtaTransactionAccessEnabled

        boolean isJtaTransactionAccessEnabled()
      • isAllowRefreshDetachedEntity

        default boolean isAllowRefreshDetachedEntity()
      • getSessionFactoryName

        String getSessionFactoryName()
        The name to be used for the SessionFactory. This is used both in:
        The SessionFactory name
      • isSessionFactoryNameAlsoJndiName

        boolean isSessionFactoryNameAlsoJndiName()
        Is the SesssionFactory name also a JNDI name, indicating we should bind it into JNDI?
        true if the SessionFactory name is also a JNDI name; false otherwise.
      • isFlushBeforeCompletionEnabled

        boolean isFlushBeforeCompletionEnabled()
      • isAutoCloseSessionEnabled

        boolean isAutoCloseSessionEnabled()
      • isStatisticsEnabled

        boolean isStatisticsEnabled()
      • getInterceptor

        Interceptor getInterceptor()
        Get the interceptor to use by default for all sessions opened from this factory.
        The interceptor to use factory wide. May be null
      • getStatelessInterceptorImplementorSupplier

        Supplier<? extends Interceptor> getStatelessInterceptorImplementorSupplier()
        Get the interceptor to use by default for all sessions opened from this factory.
        The interceptor to use factory wide. May be null
      • isIdentifierRollbackEnabled

        boolean isIdentifierRollbackEnabled()
      • isCheckNullability

        boolean isCheckNullability()
      • isInitializeLazyStateOutsideTransactionsEnabled

        boolean isInitializeLazyStateOutsideTransactionsEnabled()
      • isDelayBatchFetchLoaderCreationsEnabled

        boolean isDelayBatchFetchLoaderCreationsEnabled()
      • getDefaultBatchFetchSize

        int getDefaultBatchFetchSize()
      • getMaximumFetchDepth

        Integer getMaximumFetchDepth()
      • isOrderUpdatesEnabled

        boolean isOrderUpdatesEnabled()
      • isOrderInsertsEnabled

        boolean isOrderInsertsEnabled()
      • isMultiTenancyEnabled

        boolean isMultiTenancyEnabled()
      • isJtaTrackByThread

        boolean isJtaTrackByThread()
      • isNamedQueryStartupCheckingEnabled

        boolean isNamedQueryStartupCheckingEnabled()
      • isSecondLevelCacheEnabled

        boolean isSecondLevelCacheEnabled()
      • isQueryCacheEnabled

        boolean isQueryCacheEnabled()
      • getCacheRegionPrefix

        String getCacheRegionPrefix()
      • isMinimalPutsEnabled

        boolean isMinimalPutsEnabled()
      • isStructuredCacheEntriesEnabled

        boolean isStructuredCacheEntriesEnabled()
      • isDirectReferenceCacheEntriesEnabled

        boolean isDirectReferenceCacheEntriesEnabled()
      • isAutoEvictCollectionCache

        boolean isAutoEvictCollectionCache()
      • getJdbcBatchSize

        int getJdbcBatchSize()
      • isJdbcBatchVersionedData

        boolean isJdbcBatchVersionedData()
      • isScrollableResultSetsEnabled

        boolean isScrollableResultSetsEnabled()
      • isGetGeneratedKeysEnabled

        boolean isGetGeneratedKeysEnabled()
      • getJdbcFetchSize

        Integer getJdbcFetchSize()
      • doesConnectionProviderDisableAutoCommit

        default boolean doesConnectionProviderDisableAutoCommit()
      • isCommentsEnabled

        boolean isCommentsEnabled()
      • getEntityNotFoundDelegate

        EntityNotFoundDelegate getEntityNotFoundDelegate()
        Get the delegate for handling entity-not-found exception conditions.
        The specific EntityNotFoundDelegate to use, May be null
      • setCheckNullability

        void setCheckNullability​(boolean enabled)
      • isPreferUserTransaction

        boolean isPreferUserTransaction()
      • isAllowOutOfTransactionUpdateOperations

        boolean isAllowOutOfTransactionUpdateOperations()
      • isReleaseResourcesOnCloseEnabled

        boolean isReleaseResourcesOnCloseEnabled()
      • getJdbcTimeZone

        TimeZone getJdbcTimeZone()
      • isFailOnPaginationOverCollectionFetchEnabled

        boolean isFailOnPaginationOverCollectionFetchEnabled()
      • getDefaultCatalog

        default String getDefaultCatalog()
        The default catalog to use in generated SQL when a catalog wasn't specified in the mapping, neither explicitly nor implicitly (see the concept of implicit catalog in XML mapping).
        The default catalog to use.
      • getDefaultSchema

        default String getDefaultSchema()
        The default schema to use in generated SQL when a catalog wasn't specified in the mapping, neither explicitly nor implicitly (see the concept of implicit schema in XML mapping).
        The default schema to use.
      • inClauseParameterPaddingEnabled

        default boolean inClauseParameterPaddingEnabled()
      • getQueryStatisticsMaxSize

        default int getQueryStatisticsMaxSize()
      • areJPACallbacksEnabled

        default boolean areJPACallbacksEnabled()
      • isUseOfJdbcNamedParametersEnabled

        boolean isUseOfJdbcNamedParametersEnabled()
        Controls whether Hibernate should try to map named parameter names specified in a ProcedureCall or StoredProcedureQuery to named parameters in the JDBC CallableStatement.

        As JPA is defined, the use of named parameters is essentially of dubious value since by spec the parameters have to be defined in the order they are defined in the procedure/function declaration - we can always bind them positionally. The whole idea of named parameters for CallableStatement is the ability to bind these in any order, but since we unequivocally know the order anyway binding them via name really gains nothing.

        If this is true, we still need to make sure the Dialect supports named binding. Setting this to false simply circumvents that check and always performs positional binding.

        true indicates we should try to use CallableStatement named parameters, if the Dialect says it is supported; false indicates that we should never try to use CallableStatement named parameters, regardless of what the Dialect says.
        See Also:
      • isCollectionsInDefaultFetchGroupEnabled

        default boolean isCollectionsInDefaultFetchGroupEnabled()
      • getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForBoolean

        int getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForBoolean()
      • getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForDuration

        int getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForDuration()
      • getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForUuid

        int getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForUuid()
      • getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForInstant

        int getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForInstant()
      • getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForArray

        int getPreferredSqlTypeCodeForArray()
      • getXmlFormatMapper

        FormatMapper getXmlFormatMapper()
        The format mapper to use for serializing/deserializing XML data.