Class BatchingBatch

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    public class BatchingBatch
    extends AbstractBatchImpl
    A Batch implementation which does bathing based on a given size. Once the batch size is reached for a statement in the batch, the entire batch is implicitly executed.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BatchingBatch

        public BatchingBatch​(BatchKey key,
                             JdbcCoordinator jdbcCoordinator,
                             int batchSize)
        Constructs a BatchingBatch
        key - The batch key
        jdbcCoordinator - The JDBC jdbcCoordinator
        batchSize - The batch size.
    • Method Detail

      • getBatchStatement

        public PreparedStatement getBatchStatement​(String sql,
                                                   boolean callable)
        Description copied from interface: Batch
        Get a statement which is part of the batch, creating if necessary (and storing for next time).
        Specified by:
        getBatchStatement in interface Batch
        getBatchStatement in class AbstractBatchImpl
        sql - The SQL statement.
        callable - Is the SQL statement callable?
        The prepared statement instance, representing the SQL statement.
      • addToBatch

        public void addToBatch()
        Description copied from interface: Batch
        Indicates completion of the current part of the batch.
      • doExecuteBatch

        protected void doExecuteBatch()
        Description copied from class: AbstractBatchImpl
        Perform batch execution..

        This is called from the explicit execution, but may also be called from elsewhere depending on the exact implementation.

        Specified by:
        doExecuteBatch in class AbstractBatchImpl