Interface ConnectionProvider

    • Method Detail

      • getConnection

        Connection getConnection()
                          throws SQLException
        Obtains a connection for Hibernate use according to the underlying strategy of this provider.
        The obtained JDBC connection
        SQLException - Indicates a problem opening a connection
        HibernateException - Indicates a problem otherwise obtaining a connection.
      • closeConnection

        void closeConnection​(Connection conn)
                      throws SQLException
        Release a connection from Hibernate use.
        conn - The JDBC connection to release
        SQLException - Indicates a problem closing the connection
        HibernateException - Indicates a problem otherwise releasing a connection.
      • supportsAggressiveRelease

        boolean supportsAggressiveRelease()
        Does this connection provider support aggressive release of JDBC connections and later re-acquisition of those connections if needed?

        This is used in conjunction with ConnectionReleaseMode.AFTER_STATEMENT to aggressively release JDBC connections. However, the configured ConnectionProvider must support re-acquisition of the same underlying connection for that semantic to work.

        Typically, this is only true in managed environments where a container tracks connections by transaction or thread. Note that JTA semantic depends on the fact that the underlying connection provider does support aggressive release.

        true if aggressive releasing is supported; false otherwise.