Class CascadeStyles.BaseCascadeStyle

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      • BaseCascadeStyle

        public BaseCascadeStyle()
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      • reallyDoCascade

        public boolean reallyDoCascade​(CascadingAction action)
        Description copied from interface: CascadeStyle
        Probably more aptly named something like doCascadeToCollectionElements(); it is however used from both the collection and to-one logic branches...

        For this style, should the given action really be cascaded? The default implementation is simply to return CascadeStyle.doCascade(org.hibernate.engine.spi.CascadingAction); for certain styles (currently only delete-orphan), however, we need to be able to control this separately.

        Specified by:
        reallyDoCascade in interface CascadeStyle
        action - The action to be checked for cascade-ability.
        True if the action should be really cascaded under this style; false otherwise.
      • hasOrphanDelete

        public boolean hasOrphanDelete()
        Description copied from interface: CascadeStyle
        Do we need to delete orphaned collection elements?
        Specified by:
        hasOrphanDelete in interface CascadeStyle
        True if this style need to account for orphan delete operations; false otherwise.