Interface AuditProjection

    • Method Detail

      • addProjectionToQuery

        void addProjectionToQuery​(EnversService enversService,
                                  AuditReaderImplementor auditReader,
                                  Map<String,​String> aliasToEntityNameMap,
                                  Map<String,​String> aliasToComponentPropertyNameMap,
                                  String baseAlias,
                                  QueryBuilder queryBuilder)
        Adds an audit projection to the specified query.
        enversService - the Envers service
        auditReader - the audit reader implementor
        aliasToEntityNameMap - the entity name alias map
        baseAlias - the base alias, if one is specified; may be null
        queryBuilder - the query builder
      • getAlias

        String getAlias​(String baseAlias)
        Get the alias associated with the audit projection.
        baseAlias - the base alias if one exists; may be null
        the alias
      • convertQueryResult

        Object convertQueryResult​(EnversService enversService,
                                  EntityInstantiator entityInstantiator,
                                  String entityName,
                                  Number revision,
                                  Object value)
        enversService - the Envers service
        entityInstantiator - the entity instantiator
        entityName - the name of the entity for which the projection has been added
        revision - the revision
        value - the value to convert
        the converted value