Class ValidityAuditStrategy

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AuditStrategy, AuditStrategy

    public class ValidityAuditStrategy
    extends ValidityAuditStrategy
    Audit strategy which persists and retrieves audit information using a validity algorithm, based on the start-revision and end-revision of a row in the audit tables.

    This algorithm works as follows:

    • For a new row that is persisted in an audit table, only the start-revision column of that row is set
    • At the same time the end-revision field of the previous audit row is set to this revision
    • Queries are retrieved using 'between start and end revision', instead of a subquery.

    This has a few important consequences that need to be judged against against each other:

    • Persisting audit information is a bit slower, because an extra row is updated
    • Retrieving audit information is a lot faster

    • Constructor Detail

      • ValidityAuditStrategy

        public ValidityAuditStrategy()