Interface Expectation

    • Method Detail

      • verifyOutcome

        void verifyOutcome​(int rowCount,
                           PreparedStatement statement,
                           int batchPosition,
                           String statementSQL)
                    throws SQLException,
        Perform verification of the outcome of the RDBMS operation based on the type of expectation defined.
        rowCount - The RDBMS reported "number of rows affected".
        statement - The statement representing the operation
        batchPosition - The position in the batch (if batching)
        statementSQL - The SQL backing the prepared statement, for logging purposes
        SQLException - Exception from the JDBC driver
        HibernateException - Problem processing the outcome.
      • canBeBatched

        boolean canBeBatched()
        Is it acceptable to combiner this expectation with statement batching?
        True if batching can be combined with this expectation; false otherwise.