Interface NullTypeBindableParameterRegistration<T>

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    jakarta.persistence.Parameter<T>, ParameterRegistration<T>

    public interface NullTypeBindableParameterRegistration<T>
    extends ParameterRegistration<T>
    Not actually sure what the original intent of this was; but it is not used as of 6.0, so slating for removal
    A ParameterRegistration that allows providing Java type information when binding a null value for a parameter when there is no other available type information for that parameter.
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      • bindNullValue

        void bindNullValue​(Class<?> nullParameterType)
        If bindable, bind a null value using the provided parameter type. This method is only valid if Parameter.getParameterType() returns null.
        nullParameterType - the Java type to be used for binding the null value; must be non-null.
        IllegalArgumentException - parameterType is null or if Parameter.getParameterType() does not return null.