Interface JpaMetamodel

    • Method Detail

      • getTypeConfiguration

        TypeConfiguration getTypeConfiguration()
        todo (6.0) : should we expose JpaMetamodel from TypeConfiguration?
      • entity

        <X> EntityDomainType<X> entity​(String entityName)
        Access to an entity supporting Hibernate's entity-name feature
      • getHqlEntityReference

        <X> EntityDomainType<X> getHqlEntityReference​(String entityName)
        Specialized handling for resolving entity-name references in an HQL query
      • resolveHqlEntityReference

        <X> EntityDomainType<X> resolveHqlEntityReference​(String entityName)
        Specialized handling for resolving entity-name references in an HQL query
      • qualifyImportableName

        String qualifyImportableName​(String queryName)
      • getAllowedEnumLiteralTexts

        Map<String,​Map<Class<?>,​Enum<?>>> getAllowedEnumLiteralTexts()
        Returns a map that gives access to the enum literal expressions that can be used in queries. The key is the short-hand enum literal. The value is a map, from enum class to the actual enum value. This is needed for parsing short-hand enum literals that don't use FQNs.
      • managedType

        <X> ManagedDomainType<X> managedType​(Class<X> cls)
        Specified by:
        managedType in interface jakarta.persistence.metamodel.Metamodel
      • entity

        <X> EntityDomainType<X> entity​(Class<X> cls)
        Specified by:
        entity in interface jakarta.persistence.metamodel.Metamodel
      • embeddable

        <X> EmbeddableDomainType<X> embeddable​(Class<X> cls)
        Specified by:
        embeddable in interface jakarta.persistence.metamodel.Metamodel
      • getManagedTypes

        Set<jakarta.persistence.metamodel.ManagedType<?>> getManagedTypes()
        Specified by:
        getManagedTypes in interface jakarta.persistence.metamodel.Metamodel
      • getEntities

        Set<jakarta.persistence.metamodel.EntityType<?>> getEntities()
        Specified by:
        getEntities in interface jakarta.persistence.metamodel.Metamodel
      • getEmbeddables

        Set<jakarta.persistence.metamodel.EmbeddableType<?>> getEmbeddables()
        Specified by:
        getEmbeddables in interface jakarta.persistence.metamodel.Metamodel