Interface TransactionCoordinator

    • Method Detail

      • getTransactionCoordinatorBuilder

        TransactionCoordinatorBuilder getTransactionCoordinatorBuilder()
        Access to the builder that generated this coordinator
      • getTransactionDriverControl

        TransactionCoordinator.TransactionDriver getTransactionDriverControl()
        Get the delegate used by the local transaction driver to control the underlying transaction
        The control delegate.
      • getLocalSynchronizations

        SynchronizationRegistry getLocalSynchronizations()
        Get access to the local registry of Synchronization instances
        The local Synchronization registry
      • explicitJoin

        void explicitJoin()
        Indicates an explicit request to join a transaction. This is mainly intended to handle the JPA requirement around EntityManager.joinTransaction(), and generally speaking only has an impact in JTA environments
      • isJoined

        boolean isJoined()
        Determine if there is an active transaction that this coordinator is already joined to.
        true if there is an active transaction this coordinator is already joined to; false otherwise.
      • pulse

        void pulse()
        Used by owner of the JdbcSession as a means to indicate that implicit joining should be done if needed.
      • isActive

        boolean isActive()
        Is this transaction still active?

        Answers on a best effort basis. For example, in the case of JDBC based transactions we cannot know that a transaction is active when it is initiated directly through the JDBC Connection, only when it is initiated from here.

        true if the transaction is still active; false otherwise.
        HibernateException - Indicates a problem checking the transaction status.
      • createIsolationDelegate

        IsolationDelegate createIsolationDelegate()
        Retrieve an isolation delegate appropriate for this transaction strategy.
        An isolation delegate.
      • addObserver

        void addObserver​(TransactionObserver observer)
        Adds an observer to the coordinator.

        observers are not to be cleared on transaction completion.

        observer - The observer to add.
      • removeObserver

        void removeObserver​(TransactionObserver observer)
        Removed an observer from the coordinator.
        observer - The observer to remove.
      • setTimeOut

        void setTimeOut​(int seconds)
      • getTimeOut

        int getTimeOut()
      • isTransactionActive

        default boolean isTransactionActive()
      • isTransactionActive

        default boolean isTransactionActive​(boolean isMarkedRollbackConsideredActive)
      • invalidate

        default void invalidate()