Interface ExecutionContext

    • Method Detail

      • isScrollResult

        default boolean isScrollResult()
      • getQueryIdentifier

        default String getQueryIdentifier​(String sql)
      • getCollectionKey

        default CollectionKey getCollectionKey()
        Get the collection key for the collection which is to be loaded immediately.
      • getEntityInstance

        default Object getEntityInstance()
        Should only be used when initializing a bytecode-proxy
      • getEntityId

        default Object getEntityId()
      • afterStatement

        default void afterStatement​(LogicalConnectionImplementor logicalConnection)
        Hook to allow delaying calls to LogicalConnectionImplementor.afterStatement(). Mainly used in the case of batching and multi-table mutations todo (6.0) : come back and make sure we are calling this at appropriate times. despite the name, it should be called after a logical group of statements - e.g., after all of the delete statements against all of the tables for a particular entity
      • hasQueryExecutionToBeAddedToStatistics

        default boolean hasQueryExecutionToBeAddedToStatistics()
        Determine if the query execution has to be considered by the Statistics.
        true if the query execution has to be added to the Statistics, false otherwise.