Class EnhancerTestUtils

  • public abstract class EnhancerTestUtils
    extends BaseUnitTestCase
    utility class to use in bytecode enhancement tests
    • Constructor Detail

      • EnhancerTestUtils

        public EnhancerTestUtils()
    • Method Detail

      • getFieldByReflection

        public static Object getFieldByReflection​(Object entity,
                                                  String fieldName)
      • clearDirtyTracking

        public static void clearDirtyTracking​(Object entityInstance)
        clears the dirty set for an entity
      • checkDirtyTracking

        public static void checkDirtyTracking​(Object entityInstance,
                                              String... dirtyFields)
        compares the dirty fields of an entity with a set of expected values
      • makeEntityEntry

        public static EntityEntry makeEntityEntry()