Class StandardProperty

    • Constructor Detail

      • StandardProperty

        public StandardProperty​(String name,
                                Type type,
                                boolean lazy,
                                boolean insertable,
                                boolean updateable,
                                ValueGeneration valueGenerationStrategy,
                                boolean nullable,
                                boolean checkable,
                                boolean versionable,
                                CascadeStyle cascadeStyle,
                                FetchMode fetchMode)
        Constructs NonIdentifierProperty instances.
        name - The name by which the property can be referenced within its owner.
        type - The Hibernate Type of this property.
        lazy - Should this property be handled lazily?
        insertable - Is this property an insertable value?
        updateable - Is this property an updateable value?
        valueGenerationStrategy - How (if) values for this attribute are generated
        nullable - Is this property a nullable value?
        checkable - Is this property a checkable value?
        versionable - Is this property a versionable value?
        cascadeStyle - The cascade style for this property's value.
        fetchMode - Any fetch mode defined for this property