Class JdbcTypeNameMapper

  • public final class JdbcTypeNameMapper
    extends Object
    (Badly named) helper for dealing with standard JDBC types as defined by Types
    • Method Detail

      • isStandardTypeCode

        public static boolean isStandardTypeCode​(int typeCode)
        Determine whether the given JDBC type code represents a standard JDBC type ("standard" being those defined on Types). NOTE : Types.OTHER is also "filtered out" as being non-standard.
        typeCode - The JDBC type code to check
        true to indicate the type code is a standard type code; false otherwise.
      • getTypeName

        public static String getTypeName​(Integer typeCode)
        Get the type name as in the static field names defined on Types. If a type code is not recognized, it is reported as UNKNOWN(?) where '?' is replace with the given type code. Intended as useful for logging purposes...
        typeCode - The type code to find the name for.
        The type name.
      • getTypeCode

        public static Integer getTypeCode​(String typeName)
        Get the type code as in the static field names defined on Types. If a type name is not recognized, null is returned.
        typeName - The type name to find the code for.
        The type code.