Interface DdlType

    • Method Detail

      • getSqlTypeCode

        int getSqlTypeCode()
        The SQL type code of the descriptor.
        a SQL type code
      • getRawTypeName

        String getRawTypeName()
        Returns the default type name without precision/length and scale parameters.
      • getRawTypeNames

        default String[] getRawTypeNames()
        Returns all type names without precision/length and scale parameters.
      • getTypeNamePattern

        String getTypeNamePattern()
      • getTypeName

        default String getTypeName​(Size size)
      • getCastTypeName

        default String getCastTypeName​(SqlExpressible type,
                                       Long length,
                                       Integer precision,
                                       Integer scale)
        Get the name of the database type appropriate for casting operations (via the CAST() SQL function) for the given SqlExpressible SQL type.
        The database type name