Interface JtaPlatform

    • Method Detail

      • getTransactionIdentifier

        Object getTransactionIdentifier​(Transaction transaction)
        Determine an identifier for the given transaction appropriate for use in caching/lookup usages.

        Generally speaking the transaction itself will be returned here. This method was added specifically for use in WebSphere and other unfriendly Java EE containers.

        transaction - The transaction to be identified.
        An appropriate identifier
      • canRegisterSynchronization

        boolean canRegisterSynchronization()
        Can we currently register a Synchronization?
        True if registering a Synchronization is currently allowed; false otherwise.
      • registerSynchronization

        void registerSynchronization​(Synchronization synchronization)
        Register a JTA Synchronization in the means defined by the platform.
        synchronization - The synchronization to register
      • getCurrentStatus

        int getCurrentStatus()
                      throws SystemException
        Obtain the current transaction status using whatever means is preferred for this platform
        The current status.
        SystemException - Indicates a problem access the underlying status