Class AbstractToOneMapper

    • Method Detail

      • mapToMapFromEntity

        public boolean mapToMapFromEntity​(SessionImplementor session,
                                          Map<String,​Object> data,
                                          Object newObj,
                                          Object oldObj)
        Description copied from interface: PropertyMapper
        Maps properties to the given map, basing on differences between properties of new and old objects.
        session - The current session.
        data - Data to map to.
        newObj - New state of the entity.
        oldObj - Old state of the entity.
        True if there are any differences between the states represented by newObj and oldObj.
      • mapToEntityFromMap

        public void mapToEntityFromMap​(EnversService enversService,
                                       Object obj,
                                       Map data,
                                       Object primaryKey,
                                       AuditReaderImplementor versionsReader,
                                       Number revision)
        Description copied from interface: PropertyMapper
        Maps properties from the given map to the given object.
        enversService - The EnversService.
        obj - Object to map to.
        data - Data to map from.
        primaryKey - Primary key of the object to which we map (for relations)
        versionsReader - VersionsReader for reading relations
        revision - Revision at which the object is read, for reading relations
      • mapCollectionChanges

        public List<PersistentCollectionChangeData> mapCollectionChanges​(SessionImplementor session,
                                                                         String referencingPropertyName,
                                                                         PersistentCollection newColl,
                                                                         Serializable oldColl,
                                                                         Object id)
        Description copied from interface: PropertyMapper
        Maps collection changes.
        session - The current session.
        referencingPropertyName - Name of the field, which holds the collection in the entity.
        newColl - New collection, after updates.
        oldColl - Old collection, before updates.
        id - Id of the object owning the collection.
        List of changes that need to be performed on the persistent store.
      • getEntityInfo

        protected AbstractToOneMapper.EntityInfo getEntityInfo​(EnversService enversService,
                                                               String entityName)
        enversService - The EnversService
        entityName - Entity name.
        Entity class, name and information whether it is audited or not.
      • setPropertyValue

        protected void setPropertyValue​(Object targetObject,
                                        Object value)
      • getPropertyData

        protected PropertyData getPropertyData()
        Bean property that represents the relation.
      • hasPropertiesWithModifiedFlag

        public boolean hasPropertiesWithModifiedFlag()
        Description copied from interface: ModifiedFlagMapperSupport
        Returns whether the associated PropertyMapper has any properties that use the witModifiedFlag feature.
        true if a property uses withModifiedFlag, otherwise false.