Interface SelectableMapping

    • Method Detail

      • getContainingTableExpression

        String getContainingTableExpression()
        The name of the table to which this selectable is mapped
      • getSelectionExpression

        String getSelectionExpression()
        The selection's expression. This is the column name or formula
      • getSelectableName

        default String getSelectableName()
      • getCustomReadExpression

        String getCustomReadExpression()
        The selection's read expression accounting for formula treatment as well as
      • getCustomWriteExpression

        String getCustomWriteExpression()
        The selection's write expression accounting ColumnTransformer.write()
        API Note:
        Always null for formula mappings
      • getWriteExpression

        default String getWriteExpression()
      • isFormula

        boolean isFormula()
        Is the mapping a formula instead of a physical column?
      • isNullable

        boolean isNullable()
        Is the mapping considered nullable?
      • isInsertable

        boolean isInsertable()
      • isUpdateable

        boolean isUpdateable()
      • isPartitioned

        boolean isPartitioned()