Interface SynchronizationCallbackTarget

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    public interface SynchronizationCallbackTarget
    Defines "inflow" for JTA transactions from the perspective of Hibernate's registered JTA Synchronization back into the TransactionCoordinator by means of the SynchronizationCallbackCoordinator.

    That's a mouthful :) The way it works is like this...

    • Hibernate will register a JTA Synchronization implementation (RegisteredSynchronization) which allows it to listen for completion of the JTA transaction.
    • That RegisteredSynchronization is given a SynchronizationCallbackCoordinator which it uses to route the transaction completion calls back into Hibernate. The SynchronizationCallbackCoordinator contract applies various behaviors around this process. See the impls for details.
    • The SynchronizationCallbackCoordinator is handed a SynchronizationCallbackTarget which is the specific means for it to "route the transaction completion calls back into Hibernate". The SynchronizationCallbackTarget is most often the TransactionCoordinator impl or a direct delegate of the TransactionCoordinator impl. In that sense, SynchronizationCallbackTarget is the contract between the SynchronizationCallbackCoordinator and the TransactionCoordinator.