Interface QueryStatistics

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    public interface QueryStatistics
    extends Serializable
    Statistics relating to a particular query written in HQL or SQL.

    Note that for a cached query, the number of cache misses is the same as the number of queries actually executed against the database.

    • Method Detail

      • getExecutionCount

        long getExecutionCount()
        How many times has this query been executed?
      • getExecutionRowCount

        long getExecutionRowCount()
        How many ResultSet rows have been processed for this query
      • getExecutionAvgTime

        long getExecutionAvgTime()
        What is the average amount time taken to execute this query?
      • getExecutionMaxTime

        long getExecutionMaxTime()
        What is the max amount time taken to execute this query?
      • getExecutionMinTime

        long getExecutionMinTime()
        What is the min amount time taken to execute this query?
      • getExecutionTotalTime

        long getExecutionTotalTime()
        How long, cumulatively, have all executions of this query taken?
      • getExecutionAvgTimeAsDouble

        double getExecutionAvgTimeAsDouble()
      • getCacheHitCount

        long getCacheHitCount()
        The number of cache hits for this query.
      • getCacheMissCount

        long getCacheMissCount()
        The number of cache misses for this query
      • getCachePutCount

        long getCachePutCount()
        The number of cache puts for this query
      • getPlanCacheHitCount

        default long getPlanCacheHitCount()
        The number of query plans successfully fetched from the cache.
      • getPlanCacheMissCount

        default long getPlanCacheMissCount()
        The number of query plans *not* fetched from the cache.
      • getPlanCompilationTotalMicroseconds

        default long getPlanCompilationTotalMicroseconds()
        The overall time spent to compile the plan for this particular query.