Interface Executable

    • Method Detail

      • getPropertySpaces

        String[] getPropertySpaces()
        What spaces (tables) are affected by this action?
        The spaces affected by this action.
      • beforeExecutions

        void beforeExecutions()
                       throws HibernateException
        Called before executing any actions. Gives actions a chance to perform any preparation.
        HibernateException - Indicates a problem during preparation.
      • getAfterTransactionCompletionProcess

        @Nullable AfterTransactionCompletionProcess getAfterTransactionCompletionProcess()
        Get the after-transaction-completion process, if any, for this action.
        The after-transaction-completion process, or null if we have no after-transaction-completion process
      • getBeforeTransactionCompletionProcess

        @Nullable BeforeTransactionCompletionProcess getBeforeTransactionCompletionProcess()
        Get the before-transaction-completion process, if any, for this action.
        The before-transaction-completion process, or null if we have no before-transaction-completion process
      • afterDeserialize

        void afterDeserialize​(EventSource session)
        Reconnect to session after deserialization
        session - The session being deserialized; must be an EventSource