Class LobCreationHelper

  • public class LobCreationHelper
    extends Object
    Utilities for LOB creation
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      • LobCreationHelper

        public LobCreationHelper()
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      • getSupportedContextualLobTypes

        public static EnumSet<LobTypes> getSupportedContextualLobTypes​(Dialect dialect,
                                                                       Map<String,​Object> configValues,
                                                                       Connection jdbcConnection)
        Basically here we are simply checking whether we can call the Connection methods for LOB creation added in JDBC 4. We not only check whether the Connection declares these methods, but also whether the actual Connection instance implements them (i.e. can be called without simply throwing an exception).
        dialect - The Dialect in use
        configValues - The map of settings
        jdbcConnection - The connection which can be used in level-of-support testing.