Interface JdbcCoordinator

    • Method Detail

      • getLogicalConnection

        LogicalConnectionImplementor getLogicalConnection()
        Retrieves the logical connection associated with this JDBC coordinator.
        The logical connection
      • getMutationStatementPreparer

        MutationStatementPreparer getMutationStatementPreparer()
        The builder of prepared and callable JDBC statements for mutation operations (insert, update and delete) originating from persistent context events, as opposed to Query handling
      • executeBatch

        void executeBatch()
        Execute the currently managed batch (if any)
      • conditionallyExecuteBatch

        void conditionallyExecuteBatch​(BatchKey key)
        Conditionally execute the currently managed batch (if any), if the keys do not match
      • abortBatch

        void abortBatch()
        Abort the currently managed batch (if any)
      • getStatementPreparer

        StatementPreparer getStatementPreparer()
        Obtain the statement preparer associated with this JDBC coordinator.
        This coordinator's statement preparer
      • getResultSetReturn

        ResultSetReturn getResultSetReturn()
        Obtain the ResultSet extractor associated with this JDBC coordinator.
        This coordinator's resultset extractor
      • flushBeginning

        void flushBeginning()
        Callback to let us know that a flush is beginning. We use this fact to temporarily circumvent aggressive connection releasing until after the flush cycle is complete flushEnding()
      • flushEnding

        void flushEnding()
        Callback to let us know that a flush is ending. We use this fact to stop circumventing aggressive releasing connections.
      • afterTransaction

        void afterTransaction()
        Signals the end of transaction.

        Intended for use from the transaction coordinator, after local transaction completion. Used to conditionally release the JDBC connection aggressively if the configured release mode indicates.

      • afterStatementExecution

        void afterStatementExecution()
        Used to signify that a statement has completed execution which may indicate that this logical connection need to perform an aggressive release of its physical connection.
      • coordinateWork

        <T> T coordinateWork​(WorkExecutorVisitable<T> work)
        Perform the requested work handling exceptions, coordinating and handling return processing.
        Type Parameters:
        T - The result type.
        work - The work to be performed.
        The work result.
      • cancelLastQuery

        void cancelLastQuery()
        Attempt to cancel the last query sent to the JDBC driver.
      • determineRemainingTransactionTimeOutPeriod

        int determineRemainingTransactionTimeOutPeriod()
        Calculate the amount of time, in seconds, still remaining before transaction timeout occurs.
        The number of seconds remaining until a transaction timeout occurs. A negative value indicates no timeout was requested.
        TransactionException - Indicates the timeout period has already been exceeded.
      • enableReleases

        void enableReleases()
        Enable connection releases
      • disableReleases

        void disableReleases()
        Disable connection releases
      • registerLastQuery

        void registerLastQuery​(Statement statement)
        Register a query statement as being able to be cancelled.
        statement - The cancel-able query statement.
      • isReadyForSerialization

        boolean isReadyForSerialization()
        Can this coordinator be serialized?
        true indicates the coordinator can be serialized.