Class AbstractFlushingEventListener

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractFlushingEventListener

        public AbstractFlushingEventListener()
    • Method Detail

      • flushEverythingToExecutions

        protected void flushEverythingToExecutions​(FlushEvent event)
                                            throws HibernateException
        Coordinates the processing necessary to get things ready for executions as db calls by preping the session caches and moving the appropriate entities and collections to their respective execution queues.
        event - The flush event.
        HibernateException - Error flushing caches to execution queues.
      • logFlushResults

        protected void logFlushResults​(FlushEvent event)
      • performExecutions

        protected void performExecutions​(EventSource session)
        Execute all SQL (and second-level cache updates) in a special order so that foreign-key constraints cannot be violated:
        1. Inserts, in the order they were performed
        2. Updates
        3. Deletion of collection elements
        4. Insertion of collection elements
        5. Deletes, in the order they were performed
        session - The session being flushed