Interface SchemaCreator

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    public interface SchemaCreator
    Service delegate for handling schema creation.

    The actual contract here is kind of convoluted with the design idea of allowing this to work in ORM (JDBC) as well as in non-JDBC environments (OGM, e.g.) simultaneously.

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      • doCreation

        void doCreation​(Metadata metadata,
                        ExecutionOptions options,
                        ContributableMatcher contributableInclusionFilter,
                        SourceDescriptor sourceDescriptor,
                        TargetDescriptor targetDescriptor)
        Perform a schema creation from the indicated source(s) to the indicated target(s).
        metadata - Represents the schema to be created.
        options - Options for executing the creation
        contributableInclusionFilter - Filter for Contributable instances to use
        sourceDescriptor - description of the source(s) of creation commands
        targetDescriptor - description of the target(s) for the creation commands