This guide discusses migration to Hibernate ORM version 6.3. For migration from earlier versions, see any other pertinent migration guides as well.

HQL Numeric Literal Types

Version 3.2 of the Jakarta Persistence specification clarifies the interpretation of numeric literals with regard to type, explicitly aligning with the Java specification (as well as adopting Hibernate’s long-standing BigInteger and BigDecimal suffixes). HQL and JPQL are domain/object-level queries, so that makes perfect sense.

  • Integer - 123

  • Long - 123l, 123L

  • BigInteger - 123bi, 123BI

  • Double - 123.4

  • Float - 123.4f, 123.4F

  • BigDecimal - 123.4bd, 123.4BD

Hibernate 6.3 aligns with those interpretations, which may lead to different behavior from prior versions.

Batch Fetching and LockMode

When LockMode is greater than READ Hibernate does not execute the batch fetching so existing uninitialized proxies will not be initialized. This because the lock mode is different from the one of the proxies in the batch fetch queue.


MyEntity proxy = session.getReference( MyEntity.class, 1 );
MyEntity myEntity = session.find(MyEntity.class, 2, LockMode.WRITE);

only the entity with id equals to 2 will be loaded but the proxy will not be initialized.