Interface ActivationContext

  • public interface ActivationContext
    Defines the context needed to call the TypeSafeActivator.
    • Method Detail

      • getValidationModes

        Set<ValidationMode> getValidationModes()
        Access the requested validation mode(s).
        The requested validation modes
        Implementation Note:
        The legacy code allowed multiple mode values to be specified, so that is why it is multivalued here. However, I cannot find any good reasoning why it was defined that way and even JPA states it should be a single value. For 4.1 (in maintenance) I think it makes the most sense to not mess with it. Discuss for 4.2 and beyond.
      • getMetadata

        Metadata getMetadata()
        Access the mapping metadata
        The mapping metadata
      • getSessionFactory

        SessionFactoryImplementor getSessionFactory()
        Access the SessionFactory being built to trigger this BV activation
        The SessionFactory being built
      • getServiceRegistry

        SessionFactoryServiceRegistry getServiceRegistry()
        Access the ServiceRegistry specific to the SessionFactory being built.
        The SessionFactoryServiceRegistry