Interface AttributeSource

    • Method Detail

      • getName

        String getName()
        Obtain the attribute name.
        The attribute name. null is NOT allowed!
      • isSingular

        boolean isSingular()
        Attributes are (coarsely speaking) either singular or plural.
        true indicates the attribute is singular (and therefore castable to SingularAttributeSource); false indicates it is plural (and therefore castable to PluralAttributeSource).
      • getXmlNodeName

        String getXmlNodeName()
        This is only useful to log warnings when these deprecated attributes are populated. It was only useful for DOM4J entity-mode, which was removed a long time ago.
        The xml node name
      • getTypeInformation

        HibernateTypeSource getTypeInformation()
        Obtain information about the Hibernate type (Type) for this attribute.
        The Hibernate type information
      • getPropertyAccessorName

        String getPropertyAccessorName()
        Obtain the name of the property accessor style used to access this attribute.
        The property accessor style for this attribute.
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      • isIncludedInOptimisticLocking

        boolean isIncludedInOptimisticLocking()
        If the containing entity is using optimistic locking, should this attribute participate in that locking? Meaning, should changes in the value of this attribute at runtime indicate that the entity is now dirty in terms of optimistic locking?
        true indicates it should be included; false, it should not.